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Welcome to the Era of Data-driven Farming

Optimize & automize farm management using the world's most scalable platform to integrate data from both above and below ground.

Farm intelligence for intelligent farm management.

Our digital decision and planning tools give farmers and agribusinesses the ability to know more to grow more.

Save on inputs using the most accurate and advanced platform

An easy-to-use dashboard accessed via a mobile and desktop app delivers advice that integrates data from soil sensors, satellites, crop models and field properties.

We optimize input applications, leading to significant water, fertilizer, energy, and labor savings.

CropX’s technology has been validated in the field with over 30% water savings.

Get the most out of your fields – bigger, better yields

Our models constantly adapt to the crop’s growth stage and to the changing conditions of the soil and weather. This enables CropX to provide crop-specific recommendations that help achieve maximal yield, field-validated to generate a 10% crop-yield enhancement.

Let our planning and reporting tools help you farm with confidence

Our planning and reporting tools allow farmers and agribusinesses to use detailed maps to record and schedule farm activities and monitor crop health and growth.

Commands to sow, irrigate, fertilize, spray and harvest can be sent from an app to many brands of compatible farm machinery.

Selected Features

Adaptive, variable-rate irrigation management & automation

The CropX app figures out exactly how much to irrigate the field by providing an irrigation prescription that is constantly adapting to the changing field conditions.

By factoring in thousands of data points from previous cases, we can predict water-uptake patterns, detect faulty irrigation systems and burst pipes, and improve the decision-making process.

Crop-specific management: Solving crop variability and risk

By analyzing crop growth against crop models, we can predict the crop’s needs and expected growth, can detect any deviation, and can identify early-stage field variability and non-uniformity of crop growth.

We provide crop-specific recommendations and send alerts about field segments that need attention due to potential risk from pests or diseases.

Do your plants have problems? We’ll know before they do.

Optimized fertilizer management to reduce crop loss

We take crop loss very seriously; ensuring that nitrogen is available to crops when they most need it is one important step to reducing crop loss.

We integrate crop models, satellite imagery, and weather forecast data alongside the soil data we analyze to optimize fertilizer availability and create crop-specific application recommendations.

Built with your business’ needs in mind: Manage all of your clients’ fields from one simple cloud platform

Do you manage fields that span 400 acres? 4,000 acres? That’s a lot of data to manage and act on. We connect all of your fields on a single platform and implement customized roles and permissions so each user can have separate privileges and notifications.

In the News

AgFunder published its 2021 AgriFoodTech Investment Report

CropX is mentioned twice:

1. Trends to look out for in 2021: "Precision water monitoring brings measurable cost savings to growers while lessening management time and resource usage, a combination that will lead to more *strategic acquisitions*, especially by strategics and retail distribution participants.”;

2. 2020's top Farm Tech M&A and Exits: CropX's acquisition of CropMetrics and ReGen;
CropX Partners with Rieggo Rotoplas to Provide Smart Farming Services in Mexico

CropX signs partnership agreement with the leading provider of water solutions in the Americas to offer innovative precision agriculture solutions focused on water conservation and soil health.
CropX partners with NASA Harvest to provide unprecedented soil insights for NASA's global agricultural monitoring efforts

Supporting a more sustainable food ecosystem, together NASA Harvest and CropX will provide farmers and industry experts with the data and information they need to improve farming sustainability by conserving resources and improving crop yields.
CropX Acquires CropMetrics to Expand U.S. Market Presence

CropX, announced the acquisition of Nebraska-based CropMetrics, a prominent provider of cloud-based, precision-irrigation tools, adding 500,000 acres under management and over 10 years of in-soil U.S. farm data.
CropX Raises $10m, Names New President

Smart farming startup CropX announced it has raised $10 million in funding from new investors Sumitomo, Armada Capital and Tal Capital, who joined existing investors, Finistere Ventures, Germin8 Ventures, GreenSoil Investments, Innovation Endeavors and OurCrowd in the round.
CropX Awarded as Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

CropX was selected among hundreds of candidates as one of the World Economic Forum's Top 100 "Technology Pioneers".

With their selection as Technology Pioneer, CEO Tomer Tzach of CropX will be invited to participate at World Economic Forum activities, events and discussions throughout the year.
The 25 Most Innovative AgTech Startups

CropX sells cloud-based software which aims to boost crop yields by focusing on saving water and energy. With in-field sensors, the system automatically delivers the correct amount of water to each plant instead of watering a whole field at a time.
CropX Unveils Smarter Soil Intelligence Platform

CropX soil moisture sensors are super easy to install compared with others in the industry,” says Jason Rodgers of Titan Farms in South Carolina. “In addition, the company’s tech support has been great, and the ability to view data allows us to make decisions quickly. CropX is pioneering soil intelligence technology.”
CropX acquires New Zealand-based Regen

Regen, a cloud-based, precision effluent and irrigation decision support tool company, delivers over 200,000 client recommendations annually based on its soil data and decision support platform. The acquisition adds over 130,000 acres to CropX’s platform and over a decade of in-depth farm data from operations in New Zealand.
CropX Joins Forces with Reinke to Help Growers Maximize Performance

Through the partnership, growers using both systems will have access to CropX’s data-driven irrigation prescriptions that they can incorporate into their Reinke irrigation control system. Growers with pivots using ReinCloud, which is Reinke’s web-based application, will be able to remotely operate their irrigation while managing CropX data through the integrated platform.

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